File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a basic networking protocol for transferring files on any TCP/IP network. Although files can be sent back and forth on the Web, FTP is still commonly used for large files, or for access to large file repositories that have no particular relevance to the Web. One of the benefits of FTP is that authentication and access control is built in.
The core part of the FTP system is an FTP server, a program that runs on a file server that allows FTP clients to download and/or upload files to that machine.
In a previous section of this chapter, “The open-uri Library,” we looked at using the open-uri library to retrieve files easily from the Internet.The open-uri supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP URLs, and is an ideal library to use if you want to download files from FTP servers with as little code as possible. Here’s an example:

require 'open-uri'
output ='1.8.2-patch1.gz', 'w')
open('') do |f|