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Upload file from REST in Ruby on Rail with JSON format

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Well, this can be done without any plug in. I just devised the method
of it. First thing is that your post request should have Content-Type
set to “Content-Type: multipart/form-data“. Now, you should post the
request with following parameters in the request header:

person: {"Name": "Mohsin", "Age": 12, "Picture": "picFile"}
picFile: --text/binary data of the pic file here --

Now POST all this to /users.

In your controller, parse the incoming JSON resource like this:

require 'json'
person = JSON.parse(params[:person])

# Now the picture is an IO object!
picture = person['Picture']
#rewind this file

# Save the file'/usr/local/uploads/pic.jpg', "wb") do |file|

And you are done with the File upload with REST API.